Monday, March 19, 2012

A Culture

Century ago, a kingdom system as culture was popular. No one challenge it although that was outrageous. Most of the people were killed because a word from a King. During that time, every human classified themselves as maid to serve the only one, they named it as “KING”. That was a culture in the decade ago, no one dare to against it & compulsory everyone must obey any instruction from King. The KING some of the request or words normally not rationality and such demands always unreasonable.  So, just ask a question at here, do you agree to follow such culture?
With the improvement of civilization society, the kingdom culture was destroyed. The intelligent people applying enlightened, freedom & independent thinking replace it. There is no more compulsory must obey to follow. In year 1789, French’s revolution crisis & in year 1966, China culture revolution crisis guidance us a good experience. Finally we can see the population at above 2 countries had rejected obsolete culture.
The above two incident or cases tell us, follow is not an only way of doing thing because it means refuse new idea or not accept the new technology for self improvement. Normally, follow attitude slowly become as "obey culture" and then create a group of people hardly to say No to any bad things. If such culture continues, one day we all of us like sitting into broken boat and then drop together into the sea. So, I must tell everyone at here, we should have gut to say no to the bad company culture and do not obey or only follow the company culture. On the same time, if you have better idea to remove reluctant culture, please table it for discussion.
Nevertheless, we should have respect the old culture because during the period, it was helpful and needed. Normally, such culture has been turned it as sport or put it into museum for remembering.  Like ancient people take horse as transport and ride horse as travelling. Now such activities become as hobby or as a sport game. That is not a bad culture but just not suitable for current society. Hence, execute a culture or keep the culture also needed to consider the right timing and the right place.
Therefore, there are no advantages or disadvantages of company culture. It is only have a doubt on the meaning of follow. The main question are “ How to follow”, “What to follow” & “Why is it need to follow”. A good staff normally has accountability attitude to carry his/her duty. So that he/she normally understand or identify the existing company culture is it suitable for current market requirement. On the other hand, he/she also aware that changing is because of better, change because of surviving. Wiser people refuse to accept bad idea although that is existing company culture.