Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On the Road

Some how yesterday stopped at Sport toto shop bought a jackpot. Unfortunately when wants to took up my motor bike out from there. A woman drove in and closed to my motor bike. She had blocked my way out and I sounded out to her. But she was refused accept it and keep on drive in. That time was rain. My entire body wet and angry on that. I was knock her car side door. That time she start scrolling me.

In this world, if you have some money and can afford to buy a car. But why can't stingy to pay some parking fees to ignore/safe the road traffic jam. That road is full of car running. She is want to safe one or 2 ringgit but created a big traffic on that. she is selfish. Like me after unemployed, I have stop driving and choose a motor bike be my transport equipment. No need show off to others you are rich but actually your are poor until can't even pay a small money to maintain you luxury stuff.

So that, if such people buy share, I am guarantee she is a big losser because if you are think about own benefit in the share investment game. 100 % she can not make any single cent. She wanna to grab whole profit without consider any others people feeling. So that finally no one buy her in hand share and waits one day she may suffering forever. Do be selfish on the road as well as do not be selfish on yours investment.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


KNM offer deal failed mainly due to major short of cash flow. It was directly tell people that company not worth that price. Predict 51 cents is this share support level. So, if you unfortunately bought in previous week. Please do not hurry up buy in for averaging.

Similarly those stocks, like ramunia, scomi and saag will face bad impact by this stock. So, careful buying in every level or if no reserve funds in hand to buy in at lower price. Please avoid it. Market index still strong by Malaysia ringgit strongest in this year. Foreign investors can earn dual way, by shares price up and by better rate on currency exchange.

So, hardly see any adjustment on it but bullet(money) all go to index counter. So, penny stocks player hard to earn money on that.

I am still looking a good job and hope can earn better than previous employment. But seem like dream hard to be come true. haha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lose not equal to die

Money is temporary keeping in yours hand. Please do not worry it had lose . That is not end of the world in yours life. Always remember if every single cents you has been lose it and did not help you earn any experience back. You only start worry you has been lose something. So, lose money do not means that you should die. You should Keep yours life longer and use that experience to get it back.

Some how we should aware we are born in world and have to join in a game. Some smart people created it and use it as weapon to pull you into the game. So, strong people can manipulate it and use it as weapon to ask someone work for him.

Like a smart business man, he earn some channel of business to attract you join in as a shareholder. Of course he would not allow you know more than him. Otherwise. he will lose the prestige status and can allow him continue use yours hard earn money as free.

So, when one day the business channel got a good chance from environment effects. Yours stupid money in that company maybe can help your earn double up. The smart people maybe will feel regret on that time. Usually that is limited chance for it. Because after fully been manipulated by that smart people, most assets already quitely turn to be liabilities.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Half died

Money spend like water, think to be care and less spending but can't stop it. Sit at home also cannot avoid the expenses. Like water, electricity and internet fees.

I have to think about it to cut it off especially the internet cost. If can svae about 100 butt, so that my can use it for five days. Likely to consider that. Now, start to learn avoid to attach with computer. Hence, future when cut it off maybe should not regretted. After the economic new policy has been announced by PM, Malaysia stock market trading with GLC company stocks. only. But it can't move up more because everybody aware that, Malaysia government like to talk but can't fullfil it at all. Because our politician depend on group of servant/workers to perform it. They refuse to execute it because it succeed, they are going to set off by new system/policy.

Everyone feel that he/she should care more about top level performance. But basically everybody should stand on his position and work hard. If yours own duty can't do it best, how are you going expect someone work better than you? Misleading happen and blame will accumulated day by day.

Our nation now only start blaming each others. After year 1996, seems like everyone can live well. Still remember, that time you had a good chance make fast money. Maybe you taste it before, over the midnight and tomorrow wake up from bed, you had earn 300k. So, such sweet memories always attached in you mind, actually that is wrong.

China now follow our history economic. One day they noted such feeling do not good in our future life. Because you may be lazy in your remaining life and keep on blame someone do not help you or suport you. Your are never feel that in the beginning stage your did wrong step. Ractify yourself before step in sharemarket, otherwise sweet will bring pain forever.