Saturday, November 28, 2009

No Head Fly

A Fly with no head flying into equity market made a dumpling reaction. Investors did not care the price and through it out and sell. Dubai World default on repayment due debt in the coming day had made panic and surprise.

Equity market waits this bomb to burst been long time. So, it easily broke it and burn it down. Especially those has believed economic been recover and turn Fixed Deposit into equity market to earn better and fast return. It was give a warning to those dream in the air. Now , they like a Fly without head flying into air. Every where they run and packing and bang it. They used abnormal run and escape this price adjustment Tsunami.

Seem like you plant a tree behind your house. Now, some one steal at yesterday night with the matured fruit. How sad is it? Sad SAD SAAAAD.

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