Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hard to be

Hard to be a good man. Hard to be a good investor. Sometime you are planning to buy cheaper than people. So, you hope some lose and sell to it or maybe during heavy adjustment time you go in and buy. That is a time definite someone feel sad and sell to you.

The 2 difference things not in level. So, if you wants to be good man, you maybe feel to be a good investors. Is it the above theory correct?

No, as a speculators never hope people sell cheap to me. Because I am buying during the up rally . So that I am always be a good man. Buy high and sell high.

I have never wait those stocks face heavy adjustment time jump in and buy. I am waiting when the rally going to start only start buying. Tomorrow I have choose buying in Harvest _WA. Do you want to follow me jump in together????

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