Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Up 440 down 245

Now, fund manager and government link company shareholders monitoring the index is the major task in equity market. They do not want to lose customers from international market. Every equity market up percentage better than KLCI.

Love Malaysia not depend on one slogan. They should more care about the population daily living cost and earning power. Talking about Plus (listed at KLCI Board). They have been calculated the cost and estimated required about 18 billion ringgit Malaysia. So, if they can always launch a new unit trust fund and guarantee high yield. How come they never think to take this asset as collateral and issue bond to support the deal.

So, On these issue, we should understand they being give such excuse to ignore it and more care about related parties interest. Equity market do not wants such private asset listed to wasting population money. Equity market needs a geniuse created a new idea or new technology to help world more beautiful.

Next year, I wish I can see some new IT launch. It may brings us have better hope on our economic and help people have better life.

Up 440 and down 245 gave a signal to speculators can play another 4 more days in KLCI market. Those IT stocks continue be a major actors in top volume page. Evey cents up bring us happy and excited. Still pick Time and Frontkn as priority stocks.

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