Friday, October 16, 2009


If I have not mistaken, I have been recommended bought in MTronic at about 10 cents. The target price should be 15cents. Today, market price for this counter almost touch it. Now, is time to sell your stock. Because, once a stock reach or close to target price. You should grab it and temporary forget about it.

Equity market today open high and closed at low. That is a bad signal shown market rally need to take a rest. There is no significant heavy adjustment but chase higher price at coming days be yours burden. I do not know need how many days to rest for equity market. Please play your familiar stocks in order to help avoid the heavy lose.

US open weak but no heavy adjustment at yesterday night. Hopefuly USD continues its adjustment to lower and brings commodities continues the up rally. Malaysia and Indonesia equity market will enjoy the benefit on it.

My Blog not so good as reader commented especially English is "Rojak" (mixed until people not easy understand). So, hopefully your are not angry on me if your are not understand. Hate me or like me just clicks the ads by Google. HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA.

I am still holding 0128 and Time. So, maybe I also need to consider to take profit.

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