Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Index Counter (TMI , Gamuda & AMMB)

This two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) equity market control by funds manager, they had bought index link counter. Hence, TMI, Maybank, WCT, Gamuda and AMMB were registered high price at closed. I was difficult release Pelikan into market and had registered lose about 1.4k.

My plan is buy in all call warrant on index link counter to join the party. Of course that is a cruelly task because those call warrant trading at low volume. Overall performance of KLSE ‘s equity market is steady and strong. Every cent increased was supported by volume. Second line counter kicked out from top volume page or remain at top volume page but couldn’t deliver you any profit. (MRCB & ZELAN & UEMLAND).

Tomorrow is another good day for index link counter. It will continue run until reach the resistance or maybe hit above the resistance. Now, I can’t see any signal of adjustment in there.

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