Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Maybank-OR, Johan and MRCB

Today, market at 4.50pm shut down to minus 11points. Mainly due to Maybank last odd is 3.82 for 4.50pm closed deal. Furthermoere, because most of the people take profit and believed politic effects were over. They 100% trust this rally mainly due to politic issue. I am the only one did not depend on these news to manipulate my recent investment.

But today market had open a opportunity to buy in because yesterday market closed at off high but today closed at off low. I am had interested to buy in the Maybank -OR, Johan and MRCB.

MRCB after touched the RM1, it was dowm back to support level. Remember recently it had touched 92 cents and after that going back to 78 cents. This round it had broke the strong resistance. I had assuming this counter have 20% potential rally from this level. That is about 18 cents.

Maybank-OR by right today should hit below RM1 but susbseqently it had never did that and well support at 1.02. So, i predict that is a lower and should have a technical rebound on tomorrow.

Johan is a related company to Najib. After analyst these counter few days, it should have a 3 days rally continue for its move. So, please grab the opportunity on it.

I have given an order to Reminser to collect the above said 3 stocks in the morning. Hope I can collect some to enjoy the party. Refer to overall performance of recent market rally, I am suspect there is a foreign funds reinstate their portfolio investment. Is it true or false? Let us watching the coming performance of market.

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