Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is it an impact of DJ down 2%?

Yesterday night, DJ opened was low about 2%. But I has assume this is not a real impact. Because a month ago, DJ had a rally about 6 continues weeks. From 6500 to 8100. KLSE did not performed so well as DI, but I hope it can be run about 22% from 835. At current status, it had reached 15% only. Hence, base on this I assume KLSE still got about 7% rally to go.

Furthermore, JP morgan or Bank of America's results just only a single factor. it would not last long and soon recover in a day. I will continue buying because most of the stocks had reached off low of yesterday trading. This is a good opportunity for me, to grap some stocks with better price. I might wrong but as a speculator always believed "NO RISK NO GAIN".

I will continue buying Mesdaq stocks because DJ had closed a good deal by ORACLE take over Sun Microsoft. First Choice is AsiaEP and IRIS. Hope I could gain some money.

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