Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Day ( ASIAEP & IRIS) 1080 points !!!!

Today, KLSE equity market was gave a green light again to buy. I found market created a good based at today especially on those index link counters. Index were registered low price at morning and still closed above 200 days moving average. Including today, there is a second times index had recorded it above the resistance level.

A lot of player in doubt and prefer stay away. Because most of them just concentrated playing the penny stocks and never observing the entire market sentiment. They had made an assumption KLSE equity market soon have an adjustment mainly due to high volume of delivery and over bought at last few days. They never noted equity market had move back to high price stocks to sustain the index.

Actaully, Market had given a bright signal and was told us. Whoever do not have holding power will kick off in these coming days by these game.

For me, today I had lose money on Mesdaq stocks but successfully found some stocks' support line. It would helping me select a good stock in the coming trading and taken it support level as a guide/alert. Predicted tomorrow deals, I will continue lose money but in my trust account still had enough profit gain to cover up. I take this as my new experience and warn myself on next time, do not so aggressive buying such unfamiliar stocks.

Of course I am not regretted because I am believe such stocks I was bought still have chance to gain back but due to lack of financial support at this period. I couldn't hold it for while. Asiaep , Nextnat and IRIS still in my list for observing. If you could hold it for a week, there will given you a good return. At last, just for you are an information on my prdiction on KLSE points, it will hit 1080 points on this rally.

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