Monday, April 27, 2009

Bad Signal Appear!!!!

At 4pm, Resort and Uemland get hit down badly, especially Resort had hit below 2.40. This signal informed me market had an adjustment badly in the next morning.

I have no choice must quickly cut lose on Time at 15. I do not wants against the odd. Normally if market can continue the rally, some speculator stocks should be able closed off high. But equine and Rcecap finally turn it to off low and clean up all the profit at about 4.30pm. This is another bad indicator for me.

Furthermore a lot of holders had mentioned market later will recover back. This is another bad signal. Market should not listen you instruction to go up or down. It had its own rule to move. So, please rest 3 days and stop trading at this period of time. Until next good signal highlighted from positive data only start trading again.

Watch Up and Be careful!!!

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