Friday, April 24, 2009

Too Early

I had made a mistake introduced some stocks too early at here. It was required some readers used some funds to pick up it at one or two days times to enjoy the profit. Remember on last week Thursday, I did recommended Ramunia WA at here. But, it had only registered high price on today. If reader bought in at last Thursday, had to faced force selling on Wednesday.

Same mistake did made by me on last 2 weeks ago, there are : - Gadang, Scomi, Liondiv and Resort -CI as well as Mesdaq stock. I found such mistake is mainly due to data on the screen had highlighted a signal to me in too early timing. In fact, that's a coming rally for them but set up the buy time was wrong. Be a speculators' always must faced such problems and disadvantages as well as we also always can't enjoy the maximum profit and long rally.

After a fast and strong rally spread over the penny stocks. I had aready mislead and could not found any direction. The data running so fast on the screen and my brain can't absorbed it. That were made me can't analyst any data on specific counter of their support level.

Currently, I hold a little stocks in hand for long weekend, There are SAAG-WA, Tebrau and DRBhicom. But investors should stay calm because no signal of adjustment showed on Friday.

Readers should noted I do not like mention at here about the technical and chart of KLSE because i classified it is a historical instrument. Most of the people would not understood and feel complex on specific instrument. So, I am prefer using a simple and nice way to introduce some stocks for everyone could enjoy the rally party.

Lastly, if you can't registered more than 10k in these rally and found that more stocks in hand. Please stay away and rest for while. Because the heavy adjustments will bring you in the trouble.

Remember it !! Remember It!!

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