Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tranmil and Johan

What is happennig on the above 2 counter? They had been broke the resistance furthermore market was hit above 950 points but they still registered lost. It is a signal for above said counters rally is over. Usually every stock need a break to achieved higher but also some stock will continue run with market rally. Like UEM land and Lion Div.
Of coure, I am also looking others stock to assist me gain some brokerage and maintain the above stock in hand. Like Bjcorp LC and Ramunia Wa. But these stocks just play in the intraday, Morning buy in evening close the deal.
How far these rally can go? I think a lot of people wants to know. But I believe not one knowing in advance. My strategy is so simple, just ask around. If the answer is too high, please continue buy until one day, the same person tell you buy in. Please sell everything and leave market immediately.
Stupid Telekom make my house phone disable again. So, I do not post any tips in the morning. Sorry!!!!!

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