Monday, March 30, 2009

Resort and Genting

A lot of investors worries Genting and Resort would one day call for the right issue. Actually Tan Sri has many advisors can assist him propose better deal to the market. Like : -

a) Call bonus with warrant by Resort.
b) Call warrant by Genting.
c) Bonds attach with warrant by both companies.

The above ideal plan can assist Resort at Singapore obtain more funds to settle the loan due in the future. Currently interest rate lower but cant' easy to obtain bank support. Furthermore more loan from bank will give another impact on share price. If Tan Sri now plans to have issue warrants attach with low interest rate as a package. It will help entire Genting group have guarantee cash flow in hand to settle the loan in Singapore. It will bring advantage on operation teams do not have any pressure on targeting the high turnover and could have comfortable cash flow environment in hand would help group maintain better status to face any new challenge.

The stupid and bad imagination by those analyst will automatic eliminate and I am believe the price of share will hit higher than now. Because warrant is sweet and Bond is honey.

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