Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Made a mistake

Early morning, I had bought in UEMland at 78 cents and E&O at 58.5. But until 1st session ended. This 2 counter did not performance as well as my prediction. So, I had decided sold it at afternoon shift at the same price. When the 2nd shift opened, the above two stocks confirmed done immediately by my broker and he was told me the above 2 counters hit the 52 weeks high at 3.30pm It was made me felt disappointed.

Speculator always did a lot of mistake because after the long journey of trading. He would be easy lost the direction. He could be become very gritty. While such emotion surrounding him. He had refused to accept facts and rejected realistic data in front of him.

So, this time I never jump in again and prefer stay away although the above deal registered a brokerage lose. Because I am always believe bad emotions attach in my mind will bring me do more mistake on the coming trading. On the same time, I also had to admit this maybe is an indirect “warning note” to me. I am lose direction and is a right time stay away from market a while. Hence, my Stock in Hand JOHAN I had decided sold at 3.30pm and registered a lost about 5 cents per lot.

Today, market performs goods and most of the active stocks had hit the new high. Is it the resistance price on each individual counter? I hard to concluded it now.

But the bad issue is most of the counter closed off high. It did not happen on last Thursday and Fridays. It is seems like a signal to turn down but needs to confirm at tomorrow morning.

If you feel not comfortable, go to future market made “short” contract to “hedge” you investment.

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