Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Rainy Day/ A Good day???

Today, my holding stock deal for payment. But I did a transaction minimise my loses. I had did a transaction like this, Buy in Idris at 12 cents and sold my holding at 12.5 cents. For sale contract I had registered a lose about 2k. On the evening before closing bell, I had sold the new buying. It was allowed me minimise a lose about 600.

Apart of the above transaction, I had also bought in Zelan and sold it in the evening. It had gave me about 300 again to minimise my lose on IRIS. I had selected ASIAEP be my holding stock and taken my recent contra gain to pick it up.

So, KLSE today sentiment was gave me a chance to do that. I am brave to do that because I am believe market can reach 1080 points.

Today my collection are BJCORP- CJ, ASIAEP, Ramunia-WA and HUAAN. After 3 days correction on hotties stocks, such stock had finally found thier support level. Tomorrow I believe is a rally day again.

A rainy day in KL, seems like a bad day. In my view, rain on these morning just helping someone notify the right way because last few days dusty had accumulated on the road. Actually in front of you, there had some sweet and honey are waiting. But you must dare enough to use it as a equipment with a good analytical brain. Always remember rain can not stop you across the road with an umbrella. Just do it and enjoy you game.

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