Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bad Signal was arrived in KLSE

Today, market performance was volatile. Opening hit down 5 points and afternoon come back to positive. These move given a confident to investors continue buy in and believed market fal under the adjustment always is a right time to collect stocks. If you refer back the history data, you could found this tactic had repeated 3 times already in these rally. After market had closed ,I had noted/found some bad indicators appear in today's market: -

a) Last three days if one counter hit the new level by high volume, it will continue or closed off high. But today was difference, UEM land hit 1 but closed at lower 8 bit.
b) KNM run difference style, last week until yesterday. It had only maintained the volume by given a profit 1 to 2 cents. But today performance with difference style.
c) A person started from 30 March until yesterday, he would continues said market is too high and economic is bad. But today afternoon he was told me "everything goods and no bad news".
d) Market registered new volume record again. Normally if the market is steady, it would continues hit the same volume continue in the three days. But yesterday it had broke the new volume record and today it was broke again. In these difference move by KLSE, I should said market stood at unstable and dangerous is arrive soon.

The above unusual circumtances give me a warning, tomorrow morning I shall immediately close our deal and rest for 2 days to identify the market's next performance. If the above confirm is a bad indicator, I should quit at least 5 to 10 days to avoid the heavy adjustment.

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