Friday, April 10, 2009

MRCB, Equine and BJcorp LC

The above three stocks now in my holding position. Why I was choose them because 2 reasons: -

a) Market finally broke the new high index.
b) The above three stocks closed at off high by high volume.

Today, I heard a lot of claims that market shut up too fast. In my opinion, it should not consider fast and high. Because if a new high coming in, it should be strong and steady. In overall performance, KLSE did that on today trading. Hence, it easily broke the new high level and closed at high. Market rally continue because others counter step/join into these party. Especially at 4.15pm, three speculated stocks started the rally. That is Gpacket, Huaan and Timecom.

No signal of adjustment and Resort finally broke the resistance level of 2.31. So, it could be another move on next week. 50 points is no problem for KLSE. Are you in the party?

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古小玉 said...

Yes..I bought a lot of stocks during morning but all sold when market about to close. Got gained some money and not dare also to hold so much positions. How abt u ? Did u gain? I m sure yes, right.