Monday, April 13, 2009

Time & Timecom

I think maybe I could collect some profit from above said counter. Of course market rally in between would faced some profit taking but I believe they can continue move on Every adjustment giving you chance to buy in. Similar MRCB from RM1 go back to 93.5, lafter that hit to 1.02. Like Johan from 27.5 go back to 24.5 but finally hit and touch 33. Is it BJCorp will play the same tactic as MRCB and Johan. I think these few days we would known.

A lot of analyst start claimed market move so fast and smartly predict market will stop on next week. But I haven't see any signal of adjustment. Please do not forget, previously market was hit down more than 130 points in one day. Now, its up 23 points just represented about 18% of 130 points. Please do not forget, Market data would not cheat you and me, but words from somebody 's mouth may guide you step into wrong direction. Trust data in front of you instead listen someone opinion.

My strategy is simple, when I asked more than 5 persons about the these rally? if the answer is move too fast or up too high. I will continue buy in. If the answer is economic already recover. I will sell all my shares and quit it immediately.

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