Friday, April 3, 2009

Felt Tired

I was felt tired after market closed, because all positive news from Asia Pacific had given KLSE closed at higher. Friendly speaking today i was active bought in and sold out. Most of my trading was day trade by high volume. Due to I am a good customer in the securities firm, the broker won't stop me bought any counter.

Most of my stock was cleared at evening except Huaan. This is a speculated stock in the last 12 months, I had believed a lot of investors had burn by this counter.

After reading some data, i was found HK Hang Seng resistance level at 15,000 points and Japan Nikkie at 9,100 points. I do not know whether i am right or wrong. But this is a good time for me quit a while from market.

KLSE Index broke 900 points did not given me any good news because suddenly all my data in hand for each counter had lose the direction, I am prefering quit a while and spend some time to collect data again before step in again.

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