Monday, April 27, 2009

Do you Feel Tired?

Before KLSE equity market open at this morning, Do you feel tire? If you feel tired and nervous on you holding stocks. You must be panic trading on this morning. The volatile of stocks price in this morning plus index hit down 16 points gave you panic and worries.

I am lucky enough never do any purchase contract in the first hour. Just given an instruction sale off Tebrau and SAAG - WA.

I am waiting until 11am bought in Time at 15.5. Why I did that? Because this is unusual movement of its stock price although market had faced heavy adjustment at this period of time. Furthermore, recently YTLE had launched the Wimax product and it would required infrastructure of Timecom support it. If YTLE could hit 60 cents, Timecom should be able touch 45 cents. So, Time and Timecom are best selection stocks on today.

KLSE market hit down mainly due to external issue. So, after an adjustment was happen on today, I should be able know what is next step of KLSE. I am waiting the signal.

On my opinion, market just required a rest. If you can hold one or two days, maybe you could earned little. But that is a final rally for KLSE equity market. So, if you never hold any stocks in hand, please go for holiday and spend some money for you life.

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