Monday, April 6, 2009

Unexpected Rally

Today KLSE equity market open high and other counters have been took over the top volume page. It had helps market sentiment continue perform good and steady. Some index broke the resistance and registered higher. Like Axiata and Airasia. I had to admit I am wrong prediction on today trend of KLSE.

So, in order to rectify my mistake. I had select some counter to join the party. That is Johan, Sealink and Axiata. All those bad factors did not appearing in market and further it was successful turn as good factors. A lot of holders in doubt bought in and prefers sell in hand stock to realise the profit. But today the price continue registered hit higher preventing them continue sell off. If the attitudes of holders continue unchanged and refuse selling in hand stocks. Finally, market stock supply volume become limited and it will bring done price continue hit higher.

1 comment:

古小玉 said...

So today u gain lar, right? I already gained money starting from last Thursday until today, tomorrow see got chance or not to gain some more..:p