Thursday, April 2, 2009

Huaan and Gamuda

Huaan always attract many day traders playing. But recently it had stop its rally and move around at 20 cents. I am believe it will soon join into these rally party. Gamuda finally had broke the 2.10 and closed at 2.14 in the first session. Of course, it could not as much as we predicted to 2.50. But you can join in by way of buying its call warrant.

Most of the stock recommended in today morning article had given a good profit by traded at volume by you. I wasn't know how far the index of the market could reach and when the individual counter would faced the price resistance. But base on volume traded in this morning, I am believe it can last more than 3 days.
Do not forget just enjoy the game infront of you? So, you will happy and remember today effort.

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