Friday, April 24, 2009

Tebrau, Drbhicom, Dataprp and Timecom

After the 1st session of trading, my holding stocks had changed as per header. In my opinion, the above stocks have a good chance and potential to see the new higher in the coming trading days. Market finally broke the 978 points and searching new level of its resistance. A lot of people still in doubt and claimed that adjustment coming soon. If you continues listen the said comments and against the odd. You are hardly enjoy the rally.
The data of trading in KLSE is appearing on the screen, there would tell you the true and fact. Please do not wasting time to collect third party's comment, it will influence your investments and speculating in these rally.
Of course, a lot of people claimed that I am crazy and keep on encouraging people buying. If you are my follower in this blog, I think you had noted I was given a waring don't buy anything in the period of bankruptcy of Lehman brother in USA. That's time people also claimed that I was crazy.
Crazy or not did not stopped me analyst the data. Because most of my data derived from market. That is fact and true.

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