Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ECM, MkLand and DRBhcom

Refer this morning transaction of KLSE equity market, it has been stood at stable and steady. Today government link stocks, MRCB and UEMland performing well. There did not gave you a lot of profit but registered at positive level. This is a signal of confidant.

Some hot stocks/high volume stocks have been kicked out from top volume. In my opinion, that is good and healthy. A steady market should be able allow most of the stocks enjoying the rally. Otherwise, market will not last long.

So, in order to follow KLSE’s step. Today I had bought in ECM, MKLand and DRBhicom. This 3 stocks never appearing in the front page in the past 3 weeks. If you analyst details of these stocks, you could found unusual movement was happen in this morning.

Another stocks you should take it as you guidance, that is Resort. Yesterday Resort hit down to 2.38 and today touched 2.33. If it closed price could hold above these level in the afternoon session. Chance of market recovery is good and positive. Please try bet again on Ressort–CI.

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