Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MKLand, Resort, Ramunia WA and LionCorp

As per yesterday analyst, KLSE equity market moved as my predicted. Resort finally stood back at 2.30 and others stocks recovered from lose. I had never sold any stocks in these morning and waits market coming back to 978 points. If market touching back 978 points level. These round market should be able break 1000 points.

I am buying Ramunia – WA at 37 and Lion Corp at 345 and further bought in Resort – CI at 6.5 cents. Because the first session UEMLand closed at day high and believed it has a rally in the coming afternoon. It would help all penny stock coming back again and registered a high price as per last Friday.
For external market, DJ finally drift at 7,900 to 8100. It was indicated the next rally will start from that. If DJ can hit above 8,100 at coming 2 weeks. HK will go to 17,000.

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