Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blink or Blind

Sometime I am aware that be a speculator, we should dare buy in at market during adjustment. Like yesterday while I bought in. The low price keep up appearing in front of you. In you mind, the loses accumulated bigger and biggest. Furthermore you credit limit became smallest and smallest. It is brings you blink you head and feel like sudden blind.

As usual, deal has been done. You have not choice and must be patient wait the final result registered on it. Why I wants to against the odd. There are few reasons: -

a) I was selected those stocks recently did not perform bullist and ignore last few days hot stock. Because I found such stocks in the morning registered low volume and those stocks at afternoon get badly hit down by high volume.So, I select ECM and DRBHICOM, last few days low volume and active.
b) Resort CI recently hit to 10 cents and yesterday closed at 7 cents. It had adjusted about 30% while compared its mother counter Resort only reduce about 10%. Chance of win biggest.
c) Selected MK land because it is a index link counter and totally did not match with index rally as well as did not perform while penny stocks rally.

Maybe I am wrong predict the above said stocks at this period of time. Maybe today I will see there are have some better improvement. So, this is a good guidance for me to understand more. Like previous stocks had mentioned at my previous post SAAG, Lion div, time and Lionind, Gamuda, WCT and Ramunia. Actually i had been spend 2 months watching them and was tested buying them at Jan and FEB 09. Finally, there also never made me disappointed.

After this note, I am fully understand me is not blink and blind. So, MKLand GO! Resort CI GO! DRBHICOM GO!

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