Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today most of stocks I bought in registered low and lose. In view of the performance, KLSE equity market hit down badly. It was hit down more points than yesterday. Normally it should be classified it would not coming back so soon.

But I had noted Resort is better than KLCI, yesterday it hit down about 17 cents but today only 8 cents. It is a good indicator it soon be recover. DRBHicom also did the same move as Resort. Market have long time searching an excuse to made an adjustment. So, FLU from Mexico is a good excuse for it as a bad news and just easy absorbed by market.

Please do not forget, one factors would not hit down market for long period. So, you can see market will easy recover from that. Technically, analyst had an excuse again market will coming down becuase it was broke 980 and 970 in one day. But market will not listen analyst advice all the time, that history had been proven that.

So, my lost today accumulated at RM10k. Hope can be reduce by my own thought/own wish .Of course, Market also would not listen my advice come back again but as a speculator, certain risk we should bear it and take it. " No Choice".

My stock in hand are: - MKLand, DRBHICOM, RESORT - CI and ECM.

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