Thursday, April 16, 2009

IRIS, MNC, Asiaep, Nextnat and Ramunia -WA

When KLSE market had been achieved higher index in this morning. Most of the hot stocks slow down thier step and some others registered negative when compared with yesterday closing price.

But there is a good news for me to continue playing. Because this morning I had found MESDAQ stock going to start the rally. If I am not mistaken, recently US DJ also had the rally on Nasdaq stock. Would it be happen in KLSE?

By the way I had decided bought in the stocks. In my list, IRIS(0010), NextNat(0096), MNC (0103) and Asiaep(0039) are my favourite stocks. In order to enjoy the rally of SAAG, buy some Ramunia –WA maybe could give you a good profit.

Now, the battle ground at KLSE change from main board to Mesdaq. Please enjoy the party and allow the Main board takes a rest for while.

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