Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today, I do not know what will happen but top volume counter will not give you a good profit. After fast rally on last three days, I was change my direction and searching stock from 3rd page of volume. Why?

Because: -
a) Easy to monitor
b) Aim for high return
c) Avoid the stock which just do it roll over tactic.

Yesterday, Talam, Asiabio and Focus cheating a lot of investors put in the funds to buy in. It was created a good position for major shareholders to release their bank financing.

Currently, in the market I faced a problem to select a stock can move steady with profit. Mainly due to most of the stocks had broke the 90 days resistance level and its price was far away from the support. So, as a speculator hard to minimise my lose in the range of 1 or 2 cents. My strategy is changing, try not hold any stock more than 2 days. On the same time, control a stock lose should not more than 1k with the brokerage.

In fact, my account full of Equine, Tranmil and Johan's stock. I am not interested buy in any UMNO or government link stock.

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