Sunday, April 19, 2009


When you are highlight some stocks can buying at now, you friends would like to claimed that stock's lower price to you. They would highlighted this year lower price or maybe could bring 10 years ago lower price for yours attention. Is it a right time? This would bring you in doubt buying at current price and brought you regrettable while the stock price rose at next minute or next day.

Everyday, this story always happen on inside the equity market. But, no one could escape these and hard to avoid it. So, when you had decided buy in and some one tells you the story. What is next step?

In my experience, as a speculator that is not a main reason. Because we always aim for today as well as current price. We are bother about the share price could move or not in the next minute or next day. We are not dare about the history and brand of company. As well as we also not interested on blue chip. If the share price do not move in the coming time, I am not interested at all. We are worry or concern about the price, especially the current price.

Last Friday, I was faced a bottle neck. Although i am not bought any hotties shares in the main board of KLSE. But I had made a mistake buying ASIAEP, IRIS and NEXTNAT. I had lose on that and hope next day can select a stock which can helping me earn back the loses.

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