Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gadang , Equine and Maybank -OR

I am still remember I was recommended Equine when it was stood at 34 cents. It had given you about 10% return. After it has consolidated at 36 to 38 cents. Why I chose its again? Because when you refer to main board construction sector. Equine and Gadang maintained the volume but never broke the resistance although most of the counter had did it. Especially Gadang, it had not borke 50 cents and stood above 50 cents at last few months, but yesterday and today its had did that and stood strongly by holders. I believed it soon to join into these party.

I had took profit from Johan and MRCB, I am believe these counter going to consolidated at these level. Until another good news deliver to them. It would not have any adjustment but would not given you anymore profit.

Today, I had jump in few counter to reduce my brokerage and earn 1 cents and run. But tomorrow it hard to use these strategy again.

At last, remind you are again Maybank-OR finally closed at off low. The turning was shown in the late afternoon. So, please watch up maybe can help earn by way day trading.

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