Monday, April 13, 2009

Eqiune, Terbau and Tranmil

Remember I was wrote about tranmil while it was at RM3, a lot people were mentioned should buy in at this price because of Robert Kok's effect. That time, I remember I was recommended sale off this share. After 1 and half year waiting, finally I saw its turning from bottom and it has been broke the resistance level of 68 cents and support by high volume.

Similar to Terbau and Equine, both of them broke 46.5 and 38.5 respectively. If you asked me, I will say these two counters at least can contribute you at least 10 cents profit margin.

Overall market seem like resting a while after last Friday rally but after closing of first session. we can see most of the hotness stock registered at off low. For me, this is a good chance and I will continue buying until next signal coming.


tszou said...

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stockname said...

Thanks, now busy trading. I should learn from you. U r so kind, TSZOU