Friday, April 17, 2009

Lose Registered

In my trading account, most of the Mesdaq registered lose when compared with today closing price. I am believe this round hard to earn any single cents. Today KLSE still maintained positive, but most the hottess stock not given you any profit. That will be repeat on coming Monday morning unless that is a special news.

A lot of people claimed that these rally monitor by local funds. In my opinion there is foreign funds inside the equity market. Why? because : -

a) Our neigbour country had a rumous said that going to devalue the currency. The speculator funds at there changed the place to reallocated.
b) Our commodities registered lower price attracted some potential buyer restore the resouces.
c) No more liquid foreign funds in the equity market, easy to monitor the share price.

Based on the above, you could found some stocks one day broke few resistance target and achieved high level with conservetive few days.

I am praying hard (just Joke) mesdaq stock move a bit on Monday. Like Nasdaq in US already registered 50% profit from lower. Would it be same in KLSE??

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