Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Hot day

Weather in KL hot and even know some country badly touched 51 C. As a speculator, Just wants KLSE equity market stay hot as weather. I am predict market next week still hot but speculator should careful while market volume reach 2.4 billion. That is a bad signal if Monday reach that high volume level. If market volume day by day increase about 5% better than last day. I should say that is healthy and steady.

After read some news from paper, I was found analyst still negative and claimed that market should have an adjustment soon. So, if these news continue i will continue playing. I am just waiting they say market should hit higher and confident market can continue, I would only quit it.

Tebrau is my priority selection counter in next week plans. I have been watch this counter for long period of time. Although it has a high volume blocking at 56 at last friday. But I am believe that is someone wants to collect some shares at 55 and 555. It is similiar like Ramunia -WA, blocking at 155 at last Tuesday by heavy volume. Is it same run will be happen on Tebrau.

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