Thursday, April 2, 2009

Penny Stock? TMI -CB or AMMB -CD

These few days hard to select a penny stock to play. I am read the transaction but couldn't found any stock buy in. In order to follow market up trend, I had bought some call warrants to enjoy this rally.

US DJ done a good move on opening, it was dropped 100 points but after home sale report positive, the up rally replace it. It was shown market support automatic created at 7,450. If there is not substantial bad news it would not break this level. So, Asia Pacific equity market can move on own sentiment.

I was chose AMMB - CD because of AMMB had broke 2.64 at yesterday morning. Selected TMI-CB because it has make a partial repayment of to TM. Holding Resort- CI because of Resort still looking the new resistance level.

Suggest buy in WCT - WB and Equine at today because of politic issue support and others properties stock had faced over bought at last 2 week.


古小玉 said...
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古小玉 said...

Yup.. pls buy more to support my bank...hahaha!