Saturday, April 25, 2009

Relax Saturday

During a week I was traded heavily at KLSE equity market. So, today i had a rest and did not opened the on line trading screen and study it.

I noted some analyst not happy on this rally, they are claming most of the penny stocks hit higher so fast and strong. I am really not understand what they are planning. Sometime keep on informed investors bought some high dividend stocks but never given any advise enjoy the rally. Maybe they are a GOD, not need buy necessary things for daily use. Or maybe they are so rich, not even know that people can't afford buying high price stocks.

Actually we are ordinary people, just wants to earn some extra money to enjoy ours life. If we have some extra money, we can treat us well in living. That is enough.

Entire Asia Pacific people now really can enjoy this rally party. But please remember enocomic fundamental still bad. Please be careful.

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Jonathan said...

I guess one of the stock to watch on next Monday is Ramnunia Holdings as the overtaking by Sime Darby might boost the share price.