Friday, April 24, 2009

Timecom, Dataprp, Genting CM,Zelan and Resort CI

Today, I have plan buying the above stocks at KLSE equity market. These few days heavy lose made me felt uncomfortable. Most of the stocks lose about 3 cents with big volume. Now, starting my speculator journey again.

Yesterday, reading a paper stock news and hear a lot of people commented market rally had gone. Sometime you would feel disappointed and decide to sell all in hand stocks. After yesterday morning rally, I am starting collect few hundred profit. So, my confident is return.

I had given a note to my broker help me buying the above stock at early morning. In my own opinion, market had broke 978 and confirmed that next level resistance should add in another 5% of 978 points. The volume of trading per day should hit higher and more than 2 billion per day. That time maybe the signal of adjustment will arrive. If market volume daily increase about 10%, although it has touch 2 billion also not a signal of adjustment. Daily review on day performance of equity market is important.

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