Thursday, April 16, 2009

Main Board affected by KNM? IRIS is better

Why investors keep up put all the funds inside the same counter? In their opinion, no stock will end up the rally. Furthermore they are wasting a lot of funds to help someone maintained the certain stocks. As a speculator, my target is make money. As far as the stock was gave me a return better than current interest rate. I will quit buying the same stock.

This afternoon, I had recommended Mesdaq stock. WHY? The reasons are: -
A) Most of the main board stocks' price had far way from the support. So, I had classified it those stocks did not have any support. It can be hit lower price until unbelievable.
B) Market index would not adjusted much because of Right Issue for AXIATA and Maybank. So, in order to maintain it at this level. That certain group of people would create another Battle ground to attract the funds come in.
C) Market volume increased at second board and Mesdaq. Iris performance well in today, although at certain period of time it faced the impact of lose of KNM and market registered negative . It was still stood strong at positive level.
D) Iris hardly broke the resistance level of 12.5 cents and absorbed those bad holders shares in proper transaction.

The above data collected from today's transaction. Please searching a stocks from Mesdaq and earn some money from that. Just forget the KNM movement, it should out from main page. Otherwise you funds will lose an opportunity to earn some interest.

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