Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Liondiv and Zelan

In today, Overall performance of KLSE is bad. Why the index positive closed but I wants to claimed that? Because when a market open was high and closed at low. It would never giving a player a confident buying in anymore.

Similar with others player, today I had some overdue contract must closed it. Most of them registered lose. It just helping me minimise the lose by others deal. Like Bjcorp- LC cover lose on Ramunia -WA.

Today I had found Livdiv at afternoon session started the rally. It is because of Lionind broke 86 cents and Livdiv just followed its way and was touched as high as 44. After a rally, usually it will continue given another 3 to 4 cents profit on tomorrow.

Zelan recently had a bad move, it had touched as low as 71.5 at yesterday. But it seems better than others stocks because it had registered lower faster than other hotties stocks. The range of trading is 770 to 805. If you wants to minimise you lose, this is best day trade stock. But its subjected to UEMland should not hit below 90 cents, otherwise Zelan will hit lower than what you are unbelievable.

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