Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Axiata and Johan

Axiata (TMI) finally had broke 2.61 at yesterday and last week Johan started from 18 cents, it was hit 27.5 cents and now consolidated at 25 cents.

For Axiata, my assumption these stock could hit back 3.00 before ex- right issue. It would follow recently Maybank rally until yesterday and continues given all investors the surprise. Of course the high price does not allow us playing it. I think i should buy in the call warrant to enjoy this party.

For Johan, recently I had received several sms and email told me this stock. Because they claimed that najib good friend is the member of Board of Directors in Johan. He will enjoy the politic back up on business. In year 2004, there was a same rumous about that Scomi. It was brought Scomi hit above 2 and invetsors all had enjoy the sweet and big angpow. Perhaps, it is a another magic show for Johan.

Everybody expected market would faced adjustment soon. But rally will continues until you are believe and jump into this carnival of rally. If this appears in you mind and you are 100% trust it. The adjustment is coming, Please ask youself instead of looking around the tips.

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