Saturday, April 11, 2009

A speculator way

Be a speculator in the share market, lastly always found that rally was over but a lot of in hand holding shares forced to sell. Finally all shares must sell below cost price and accumulated a lot of losses. But advantages are: -

a) In the bear market would not faced unlimited lose.
b) Never nor bankruptcy company shares in hand.

Speculators also had to lose when market at beginning stage of rally. He always regretted those shares sold too early and minimise the profit/gain.

As at today, in KLSE market a lot of people start guessing this rally will end at next week Monday a heavy adjustment is coming. So, if you are a speculators you are start worry and decided sell all in hand shares in the morning.

Actually I do not like think about market Monday's performance but I am just worry that stocks I had choose in last friday. Would it be stand above the support price?

Actually I can't predict the future. So, I prefer read data from market and analyst myself. Because when I predict the support level is correct. In the adjustments, I can make a chance to reinstate or quit it immediately. So, Are you ready or well know about the support level?

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