Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lioncorp, LionDiv, Resort CI and MKland

Yesterday evening most of my stocks had been recovered from bottom. From paper lose about 10k come back to lose about 3k. That was unexpected because usually a deep down hardly recover soon as yesterday. It had indirect told me market still strong and buying interest still exist in the market.

I would not surprise my holding stocks would contributing some profit to me at today. KLSE equity market started from yesterday as a base again. Hence, it would giving investors a surprise again. Short seller in future market all faced a big problem on recovery back the lose. In view of minimise you risk on tomorrow rally, please concentrate playing those counter which display/stood at first 2 volume page. There have about 40 counters for you to select and play contra.

After this round adjustments I believe investors would not simply through the stocks on any adjustment. So, it will give you a chance find more support level data on every counter.

Why a lot of investors prefer sell off when market had an adjustment on yesterday morning. Because they selfish, they prefer someone took his stocks to absorbed the lose. They would not think others people situation, they just care about themself.

As I always mentioned at here, equity market would not cheat faithful and sincere heard people, there always telling the true to you and me. But most of the investors use imagination as well as selfish attitude to approach the deal. So, finally they had suffer the final pain.

A good example like last fews year ago, Tranmil from 16 drop to 5 butt, those selfish people claimed that Robert Kok bought in at 6 butt per shares. So, they bought in at 5 butt is better than Robert Kok, but the final results this people suffer the heavy lose but Robert Kok still is a riches man in Malaysia.

This story telling you, if you always think about bad things apply to people, at last you are the one who sufffer more. So, as a speculators or trader. Please do not apply bad thinking in you mind. If yours attitude is positive, everythings in front of you is positive and clear.

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