Wednesday, April 8, 2009


As a speculator, if could not calm down. That will continues make mistake on trading. The losses become big and unaffordable. Yesterday, I was made some mistake forced me immediately quit all the trading. Now, I am searching a real and correct direction.

Most of the euro market registered negative and report said that 4 trillion toxic assets in the market. So, that is difficult to absorb it by bank. DJ index will play around at 7,500 to 7,900 until it had breake the 7,400 again, another plunge would arrive.

HK index did not stood above 15,000 although it was broke that on Monday. So, it was confirmed that only a technical rebound on bear market. Holders has a good chance to restructure the portfolio investment in this short rally. Please do not waste this opportunity.

On the same time, I as a speculator in market. I must quit again a long period to avoid the heavy lose. Feel sad. Feel sad. No game again.

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