Sunday, May 29, 2011

Market Going to heavy adjustment

When is happen? Market recently gave good results in the past 5 months. QE1 & QE2 give whole market full of cash. Big 500 companies most of them registered historical high record of cash in hand. It given a good support to the market.

Is it can last long? I have read some data in hand found some uncertain things going to happen. Where Bomb is starting on? If I am not mistake, china is a biggest chance. I am still remember when whole world talking about one country population can spend money buy oversea properties. The bomb has been created. Like those days, we had saw Taiwanese and Japaneses bought oversea big company. That time there shares market index hit higher in the record, after that burst like hell.

I am always believed brighten days can be ended. So, next month maybe happen and make world share market burst again. Recently I am playing properties counter and had made some pocket money. Like E & O and Osk properties. Somehow I am still strongly recommend UEMland but not enough capital to play.

Next month, i should stay away for while. Watching it, check the recent data for comparison. Hopefully I am wrong otherwise a lot of people lose money again.

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