Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Give me a fair game

Too sad to talk about shares investment, because the Japan market drop almost 12% at 1pm(Japan Time) in the afternoon session. So, let us make some imagination to help us happy. Last 2 days, at here I had commented Lawyer refuse to close case as per schedule. They said that is unfair. So, What is unfair issue?

Actually no one can understand the proceeding of court. I had an experience is every procedure count money. Like you submit a notice, cost few hundred fees. If successful obtain the notice, next step count money again. If unfortunately there consider 2 steps on next action. So every one step cost you few thousand.

So, if lawyer don't want KPI and tell us there is fair. Why not he/she just raise one bill for every case. Don't count the delay cost on us, especially the disbursement expenses don't applied to client. Otherwise before the case end, someone have bankrupt. So, if someone can't paid during the time. The lawyer also stop represent the client. Is there fair to client.

Taiwan criminal/civil case running in the court have set the time limit. Why we can't do that??? So, sometime when noted a criminal case from the paper. After 5/6 year it still running in the middle stage. Why??? Who delay it???

It wasted our Yang Hormat in Parliment continue setting up the law. Because time consume too long may spoilt the spirit of law. Investors or FDI always refuse to come here because too long to decide a project or finalising the case in the court. Because every minute is cost of funds. They don't like delay attitude.

Haha, Some more lawyer also can tell "Tsunami" " Please hold on first, I need to go MC, don't come first" Is it Tsunami listen to him??.................Hahahaha

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