Sunday, September 11, 2011


Why you are destitute? Some how Warrent Buffet claim that you are choosing the wrong stocks. Bill Gate claim that you do not have any innovation skill. You father said that you are stupid.

A world view that if you want to be riches man, you must know how to manipulate the power or convince politician ignore you assets paying any tax. Who supposing can ignore that? A illegal way import some necessity thingy to escape Custom Tax. Refer those riches man, how can they can save so much of money in hand. Is it they used some way to escape the tax? Maybe that is true, before the custom department set up and may be those day such tax rule no so complete. During that period of time, they accumulate numbers of assets and now become multi million rich.

Those day employee always need to plan his/her own salary for spending. We can't escape because the company will report accordingly to Inland Revenue Board. In others word, company must fulfil requirement of taxation system. On the other hand, they keep on encouraging paid higher salary to Directors. So that easily found that in one company, a 100 employee paid actually lower than one director salary. So, the extra money earn by director indirect encourage them do more investment to accumulated the assets. Similar theory now still applying by Warrent Buffet.

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