Tuesday, August 9, 2011

After 29 May 2011....................

After 29th May 2011, why I have not post anything at here. Yet I am confident on my write up just because of market did not give me good reason to trade again. First, the profit margin on penny stock low. Second, IPO shares absorbed too many funds from market.

In USA main land, most of the article still claim that government does not implement the better system. In fact, those population should aware they demand so much and contribute little to help the economic base. Now, they still enjoying multi way of benefits and continue require others countries deliver goods for them to use. They exchange it by a paper ( Debt). Please do not forget, when the paper cannot deliver yield that is a time they lose the supply.

The circular of money means you should have some substantial goods/necessity thingy to exchange it. If you are always lazy and refuse the job. One day, people start disappointed and will not give you any support. On such stage, the demand and supply lose connection of balancing.

That's a good guidance for Malaysian. if one of the group people always need support without any contribution of their effort into the job. One day some one will ignore them. So, don't happy when you are seeing some many foreigners walk into town city and spending money. It does not 100% shown them riches than you. maybe they are spending next generation future money. So, the final result is crisis happen in their country.

So, at this movement world market will continue drop until this month end. The liquidity of cash will searching a way to park. Who is the winner on that? Definitely that is not stock market. So, we only can wait the final landing of share price. Now it is still hang on the sky.