Saturday, October 1, 2011


Every fruition must support by hard working. Now you can see a group of people simply created a group and name it as EFSF just open their mouth and claims that they can put in about 430 billion Euro for rescue. That is creating another bomb into market. They just print out the paper and tell you they have been settled the debts.

One day, bank will accumulating such bonds and so another day they tell you they can't afford on that. They buying time in order to extend the repayment date. That's shameful and irresponsible. However, they use such way to build the confident. So, ordinary people said they can spend again.

On the other hand, make so much of population can't alive at normal with lack of support on daily necessity. In the first place, they should close off the bank in Greece. Tell them they are not even have one cent in hand. Furthermore inform them if they still depending on support from Government Welfare. All people will die.

It is not create new group of terrorist people. Just do not have a person dare to tell them" That's fact". In order to create a sweet dream and bury them continuously. By right we should do some right thing to solve the critical issues. 

Actually I do not want my second generation tell me, That's "disgrace". With some correct direction instead of continue disgrace. I am prefer suffer at this moment of time. 

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Unknown said...

Virtual creation of funds will provide temporary relief to Europe.

They do provide better living standards to their citizens but they failed to curb their spendings on other stuffs.

They have changed their strategy from US Bonds and securities to Gold.

They had sold their 400 Tonnes of gold at nadir price and now they are purchasing the same at high price to postpone defaulting.