Wednesday, March 16, 2011

People don't want money , they want life

In these two days, we should realised money is meaningless. When it use to compared with the life. So simple theory reflected in yesterday. All investors through out their shares in hand into market. Without life although you are holding trillion or billion also can not happy and peaceful.

In the circle of life, one of the day 'died" you have to face it. But hard working in your life to accumulated money is meaningless. So, enjoy your effort in the right time, and try to make your hard working effort, have some return. Don't keep more than over and brings you no time to enjoy/spend it.

So, enjoy the investments game. Don't take it is your life's jobs. So, as and when your like it. Your are playing. As and when you don't like it, just through it out. Don't keep it to waste you time. If one day your buy such shares after 20 years shut up 20 times. Are you still here to see it, enjoy it or maybe you can sell it? That is very important, where you are ? Otherwise at last your assigner or trustee take it your sweetheart away and enjoy himself.

Life is shorter than Len man Brother build up time. So, what is your expectation now? Are you continue hold tight until your are died? or through it and take cash to enjoy. Your selection always must respect. But hopefully not is a stupid decision.

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